Supply Chain Risk Catalog

Dear colleague,

welcome to the official website of the Supply Chain Risk Catalog. This catalog and the model behind it are intended to serve as a starting point for supply chain risk management processes in any organization or supply chain. The model and catalog are developed at the Laboratory of Informatics from the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor.

The need for a risk catalog can be seen from many perspectives. Even ISO 31000 defines the output of risk identification as 'a comprehensive list of risks based on those events that might create, enhance, prevent, degrade, accelerate or delay the achievement of objectives'. An organization can undertake the process of risk management by itself, but because of the daunting scope of this project many decide not to manage their risks all together. By using the catalog as a resource and checklist, a major step of risk management is already completed, allowing the organization to approach risk management more prepared and with less complications.

You are welcome to explore the catalog (its contents are described in the 'Data' tab) and the model behind it (described in detail in the 'Model' tab).

Since we believe a resource like that should be freely accessible, it is published under a Creative Commons license that allows interested users to look at, download and share the risk catalog with others, as long as proper credit is given to the authors, but they cannot change it or use it commercially; this is the 'Attribution- NonCommercial –NoDerivs' licence. However, since our philosophy is that the catalog is an ever growing publication, we believe that all users should be able to contribute, comment or add to the catalog. This is achieved by submissions of ideas to the editorial board, which assesses the contributions and incorporates them in the catalog when appropriate. Submissions are expected via email to With this we hope to achieve a widespread interest in the use of the catalog among professionals from the supply chain field and to additionally increase its scope and quality. As supply chain risk managers we have to be aware of the importance of cooperation between companies. One single company or its employees can never identify as many risks as a group of companies can. Our aim is to connect experts throughout supply chains all over the world and establish a community with a common goal – to provide insight into risk assessment and the risk catalog.

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